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Le Dimore del Conte

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Vicenza hotel with parking
Project funded by
POC 2014-2020 Veneto Region

The best Vicenza apartments in order to live a marvellous experience right in the historic Vicenza City Center Le Dimore del Conte. Located at the top of the Palladian High Street, “Corso Palladio”, the main artery of this sublime Veneto town, the modern formula of an nice hosting in Vicenza City Center, offers both the lovely privacy of apartments and comfortable services in Vicenza. The “Dimore del Conte” is housed in a prestigious 15th century building. The Vicenza City Center Le Dimore del Conte is the gateway to Vicenza’s idyllic cultural, work and social life.

Audio guide of the most important historic buildings in the city of Vicenza.
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Apartments & Suites


Fair, practical and comfortable.
Ideal for business/couples

Junior Suite

Ideal for business/couples



Eleganti, stylish and functional. Ideal for couples/family

Superior Apartments

Ideal for couples/family



Wide, nice and comfortable. Great for family/groups


Ideal for family/groups



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Equipment common
to all housing solutions

In all apartments guest can dispose of:

The convenience of the “SELF CHECK-IN AREA”

As a welcome Guest of the Dimore you have the advantage of being able to arrive at our facility even at night. Thanks to the access codes sent to your mobile phone with an email, sms or whatsapp message, you can first access the parking and then your apartment in total autonomy: just pick up your keys from the locker located in the waiting room.
The formalities relating to the complete check-in, with all the needed documents and the welcome by our staff, can thus be carried out comfortably even the morning after your arrival.

Junior Suite

These mini apartments are the pride of our touristic structure in Vicenza. They are the ideal solution for those who want silence, while desiring to stay in the bustling heart of the city.

Superior Apartments

Superior Apartments are unique solutions that are unequalled in other buildings in Vicenza and surrounding. Born from the creative inspiration of Vicenza architects, representing an elegant and scenic interior space distributed to give centrality to the dwelling.

Two-bedroom Apartments

Bright and spacious apartments perfect for managers and teams who are looking for an elegant dwelling in Vicenza, where to stay for prolonged periods . Two bedrooms and a large living-room area offering up to 6 comfortable beds.

Luxury Style

Our visitors expect nothing more than the best possible stay.

TV & Wi-Fi

Each housing solution is equipped with satellite TV and fiber WiFi.


A private parking in the courtyard of the Dimore is available to our guests.

About us…


LoVe! Land of Venice

ll progetto vede nella commistione tra turismo e cultura gli asset portanti per il rilancio delle imprese venete nel post-Covid, strategici per lo sviluppo turistico internazionale della destinazione Veneto. L’obiettivo è consolidare prodotti trasversali a più tematismi, in più destinazioni, focalizzati sull’abbinamento tra offerta turistica e creativa-culturale, in chiave slow e green.

Spesa ammessa € 709.428,63
Contributo assegnato € 539.396,90

Intervento realizzato avvalendosi del finanziamento:
POC – Programma Operativo Complementare
al POR – Obiettivo specifico 3.3 “Consolidamento, modernizzazione e diversificazione dei sistemi produttivi territoriali” parte FESR Fondo Europeo di Sviluppo Regionale 2014-2020

Asse 3 – Competitività dei Sistemi produttivi
Azione 3.3.4 Sub. D Promozione

D.G.R. n. 1392 del 16 settembre 2020 Bando per l’attivazione, sviluppo, consolidamento di aggregazioni di PMI per interventi sui mercati nazionali e internazionali che favoriscano la ripresa della domanda turistica verso destinazioni e prodotti turistici della Regione in coerenza con l’immagine coordinata della Regione del Veneto «Veneto, The Land of Venice»

LoVe! Land of Venice

Within the project, the mixing of tourism and culture is considered a key asset for the recovery of Venetian companies after the Covid19 outbreak. It is also strategic for the development of Veneto as an international destination. Love!’s goal is to consolidate tourist products belonging to different themes and destinations, by focusing on the integration of tourism and the creative and cultural offer with a sustainable and slow approach.
Eligible expenditure € 709.428,63 Public funding awarded € 539.396,90
Operation carried out using funding POC Complementary Operational Programme 2014-2020 Veneto Region
D.G.R. n. 1392 of 16 September 2020 / Call for activation, development, consolidation of aggregations of SMEs for interventions on national and international markets to encourage the recovery of tourist demand towards destinations and tourist products of the Region in coherence with the coordinated image of the Veneto Region «Veneto, The Land of Venice»
Cerchi un Hotel in Centro Storico a Vicenza: prova una nuova esperienza con Le Dimore del Conte


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Cerchi un Hotel in Centro Storico a Vicenza: prova una nuova esperienza con Le Dimore del Conte


Il trattamento all’ozono garantisce il miglior controllo, se non il completo abbattimento, della maggioranza degli agenti inquinanti presenti nell’aria (polveri, gas, virus, batteri, muffe, spore) che molto frequentemente si sviluppano negli impianti di condizionamento e nei canali di aerazione, dai quali vengono veicolati negli ambienti circostanti.